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A note from our founders:

HomeMovie.Com was started in 1999 when founders John Larsen and Lars Krumme were tasked with preserving and managing each of their family's vast collection of history on videotape. At the time, the two entrepreneurs both had young children and wives who loved to catch their every move with the videocamera.

We found most existing solutions at the time were (and still are) lacking in the features and simplicity we needed to easily catalogue our video history. We didn't just want to come up with some archiving solution that still kept the video locked away. We wanted to easily capture, manage, edit and share this video as well and not spend a fortune of time and money doing it.

We were ultimately unable to find a solution that met our own needs, and decided to set out to create our own. John had some extra time and money on his hands, having just successfully built and sold his prior business in the gaming industry. Lars left the day-to-day management of his other streaming media company in the capable hands of his two other partners. Together, we set out on the journey that has brought us to Afiniti.

We figured out quickly why the technology didn't exist -- video was extremely difficult to deal with! Between all of the different tape formats, devices, codecs, encoders, players and compatibility issues, there was just no easy way to edit and share your video. We tackled all of these issues one-by-one, first building out our DVD production facility, and then extending our system to the Internet and your desktop.

Along the way, we’ve probably spent too much money and too many long nights programming and debating how we would work with video. We’ve seen new video formats and players pop-up, along with the next round of video-sharing companies that just don’t seem to get that life doesn’t happen in 2-minute segments. We've successfully preserved and shared hundreds of thousands of our customers family memories on DVD and over the Internet. We’ve added quality people (including our new President, Steve Smallman, who shares our vision – see below) that we hope can take our ideas and technology to the millions of parents that have video just like us.

Packed with features and easy to use, we are now making Afiniti available to you! We hope that you find it as enjoyable as our families do. Be careful, though, or you might find yourself actually watching your home videos!


John Larsen & Lars Krumme
co-founders, HomeMovie.Com



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HomeMovie.Com is the place for home video sharing and watching on the web. Upload and share videos from your web camera, digital camera, camera phone, digital camcorder or digital video camera. Watch shared videos from your friends and family. Share video with your friends and family. Import and share video from existing digital video files or your digital video camera, edit and share your video and movies with our web-based video-editing and video sharing tools, preserve video by uploading your movies to our video sharing servers, share video with your online community and order DVD of your movies, video to dvd transfer or film transfer to enjoy and share at home.

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