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With Afiniti 3.0 all your videos are immediately available for download in iPod-compatible format.

"I am stationed in Mosul, Iraq. I just finished watching the video of my family on your website, and want to thank you so much for what you and everyone involved is doing. That was the best hour of my entire deployment.

I can't put into words how much it means to me. It was just great to be able to see and hear my wife and girls. Not to mention that I can go back and watch it whenever I want while I'm here. You can guarantee that I will tell every soldier in my unit about it. It truly is the best time I've had in almost six months. This will make my remaining six months go a little easier. Thank you a million times."
-SSG Mark Mulvaney

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We appreciate everyone who has come aboard and started using Afiniti to watch, edit, archive and share their home video content with family & friends. We are always working towards the perfect balance between ease-of-use and advanced functionality, and wanted to create a vehicle to communicate the seemingly constant upgrades and enhancements that come from our development team!

Most of our enhancements and usability improvements are a direct result of you -- our customers! We appreciate all of the feedback we've received over the years, and always hunger for more input from you!

We read every email that is sent suggesting improvements to our technology, so if you have some ideas, please let us know! You can contact Lars via email at

Now on to the latest improvements. We hope you enjoy them!

John Larsen & Lars Krumme

July 31, 2006
By: Lars Krumme, EVP Sales & Marketing

Afiniti 4.0 set to launch Mid-August

Our development and testing team are putting the final touches onto our newest version of Afiniti, tentatively set to launch later this month.  Enhanced usability, personalization and partner integration lead the list of new features, along with a tighter interface design.  You are more than welcome to take a sneak peek at Afiniti 4.0 now, and let us know what you think.  Please note that this product is not yet in full Beta release, so you may encounter some bugs.  If so, please let us know!

June 29, 2006
By: Lars Krumme, EVP Sales & Marketing

HomeMovie.Com Profiled in NY Times Circuits (excerpt)

Video Catching Up to Photos When It Comes to Sharing
June 29, 2006

"We're positioning our services as video sharing for grown-ups, not 'ego-casting,' where people upload a two- to three-minute clip of themselves lip-synching," said Lars Krumme, a co-founder of HomeMovie.

HomeMovie's latest service, Afiniti 3.0, allows consumers to send in tapes for digitizing, upload saved files for sharing or connect their digital camera or camcorder directly to their computer and transfer new video or pictures. The service can also be used to download the video to iPods.

Users can have up to five hours of video content in their online account free. Up to 10 hours is $3.99 a month with no time limit for the clips — you can have one-minute clips or two-hour clips.

When you share video using HomeMovie (, the clips are uploaded from your computer to HomeMovie's servers. Invited friends and family members, who are given a password, can download the clips to their iPods, order DVD's or view the video online — all free.

You can tag movies or scenes with keywords, so that you can search for "vacation" video or "birthday" scenes. HomeMovie also offers a service that will encode a two-hour tape into digital files for $5.

An advantage of HomeMovie is that it provides basic video editing abilities, including combining clips into a longer movie, or the ability to remove unwanted scenes — particularly helpful when working with shorter clips from digital cameras.

April 27, 20066
By: Steve Smallman, President

Afiniti 3.0 Beta Launch is Live!

Today is an exciting day for the HomeMovie.Com community. We are publicly (and quietly for now) launching the final stages of our beta version of our revolutionary new software, Afiniti 3.0. This is the biggest and most radical change in software we’ve ever had and we’re sure you are going to love it. As a matter of fact, I’ve been lucky enough to be using the new Afiniti 3.0 for several weeks now and –man!- am I really pumped up about all the new functionality!

So what’s so exciting? How about this short list of just some of the new features:

User Interface Upgraded
Those of you used to Play-Edit-Organize-Burn taskbars will quickly come to love the new Movies-Add-Make-Watch-Share-Burn-iPod(!) taskbars.

Upload videos and photos directly from your computer and camcorder
How about that for saving you time and shipping costs! Afiniti 3.0 is the only Video Sharing service today that enables you to capture your entire videotape (even over 2 hours!), edit it into a custom movie, and share it with family & friends.  But not to worry: we are still happy to receive your tapes and encode them at

Tag Find Option
Have you ever wanted to organize your movies by person, holiday, or any other keyword? Now you can!

iPod download of your homemovies
For many people, this is the most exciting new feature. If you’re one of the legions of new video iPod users, you can now download your movies (or your friend's movies) to your iPod and watch them anywhere!

Hey! Who’s this Smallman guy anyway?
John and Lars are busy getting the new software and website just right, so I thought I’d take this chance to introduce myself. First of all, as I mentioned above, I’m a HomeMovie.Com user too, and I’m loving it. I’m a forty-something guy with a wife, two kids, big mortgage, and tons of tapes that we can actually now watch – thanks to HomeMovie.Com. Whether it’s an old Little League game from 1999 or that happy trip to Disneyland from 1992, our video memories are now secure.

I’ve been following the development of Home Movie since the start and have been very impressed with its growth and positive community achievements. One of the great things I know about the company is its ability to keep up with changing technology. I predict that enhancements we’ll make in the future will be even more exciting than the ones you’re seeing today for the first time. But that’s enough back patting for our technical people for today. Let’s just say that I hope you enjoy our service as much as I do. If you ever want to drop me a line and let me know, feel free to do at In the meantime, have fun with the new Afiniti 3.0!

Oh, yeah; one more thing. If you sign up for Afiniti 3.0 during the testing period, you might run into some kinks. This is normal for new software, of course. If you do run into any difficulties, please let us know about them so we can get them fixed ASAP. Please use  

March 1, 2006
By John Larsen, CEO and Lars Krumme, EVP Sales & Marketing

Join us in welcoming our new President, Steve Smallman!

As we were searching for someone who would understand our customer demographic and help take Home Movie to the next level from a business standpoint, we knew that we couldn't just bring anyone on board. We knew it had to be someone we trusted to share in our vision 100%. Someone we knew beyond a series of job interviews. And that's when it hit us. John knew just the person: a long-time friend and the man who helped successfully shepherd his previous company from a small start-up to a $50 million company – Steve Smallman. After talking with Steve and bringing him to our offices to see the company and meet everyone, we were sure he was the guy. Luckily, he thought so too, and we are pleased to welcome him to the team. We know you will help us welcome Steve to the Home Movie community too.

Steve earned his degree in Business from the UW 1984 and went immediately into the business. On the private company side, Steve founded a mail order company that sold collectors’ books, ran a wholesale warehouse (John computerized their inventory system in 1985), was an independent marketer of wholesale industrial supplies, and managed a floor-covering wholesaler. He worked on mergers and acquisitions with several competitors in these businesses and in 1997 moved on to the gaming industry where he again met up with John and helped grow John’s software gaming company into an attractive acquisition target. Steve stayed in the public company side of the gaming industry until now and we’re ready for this to be his best adventure yet!et!

It’s good to have you back, Steve.

January 27, 2006
By: Lars Krumme, EVP Sales & Marketing

Logged In Home Pageage
We've finally cleaned up and added much needed functionality to our Logged In page for returning members. Among the many new features:

Login/Logout feature for when you're on the road
Now you can take it with you! From time to time, you may want to access your account from a friends house or public venue. With our new logout feature, you can access your account, and then wipe all records of your activity when you're done! Great for multiple account holders as well!

Statistics of Afiniti account information
We are now providing valuable information for you to track your use of Afiniti, including:
-- Total hours in your account
-- Total view time for your account
-- # of people in your list, and who you've shared with
-- # of scenes and Director's DVDs you've created
-- Your upload activity, including photos and videos
and much more...

Member Spotlight
Many of our customers have great stories on how they have used Afiniti to share video with distant family members.

Returning Your Tapes
Rather than holding on to your tapes & returning them with your first DVD order, you can now request to have your tapes sent back to you at any point in time. Shipping & handling fees will vary based on the tape type and total number of tapes being sent back, but will typically range from $5 to $10 for most customers.

January 2, 2006
By: John Larsen, CEO

SnapShot DVD
At long last, our DVD Snapshots feature is now available as a stand-alone PhotoDVD. Select up to 100 images to be presented in a photo-gallery format or choose the slideshow function. Upload your own music (.wav or .mp3 formats please) to add your custom touch as you watch your images in slideshow form.

Enhanced Ordering Functionalityity
We found that there was some confusion among some of our customers when ordering Basic or Enhanced DVDs. Our new "Burn" section in Afiniti fixes this issue and streamlines our ordering process. Now when you order, you can toggle between Basic DVDs, Enhanced DVDs, Director's DVDs and SnapShot DVDs.

December 15, 2005
By: John Larsen, CEO

Personalize your Player!!
It might be a small enhancement, but we got sick of just having one interface to work with. Now you can select a color scheme that fits your mood for the day ranging from our classic to blue, green, pink, purple and steel. When you save, your selection will be saved for your next visit.

October 25, 2005
By: Lars Krumme, EVP Sales & Marketing

New Lower Monthly Account Fee
We didn't think it was possibly, but after some serious sharpening of our pencils, we've cut our monthly Afiniti fee by more than 60%! It is now just $3.99/month for your first 10 hours, $ 6.99 for your first 20 hours, $9.99 for up to 40 hours, and only $5.00/month for each additional 20 hour block. For just the cost of a cup of coffee (OK, a really good cup of coffee), you can keep your memories safe!

September 8, 2005
By: John Larsen, CEO

Upload your Video to your account!
You asked for it, we delivered. We make it easy to upload video to your account. 20 seconds? 2 hours? No problem! Simply upload your video to your account in Windows Media format (instructions), and our servers will process your video for Afiniti. Depending on the length of your video, it will be ready within 5 to 10 minutes for you to edit and share just like any other videotape that you have in your Afiniti account!

September 1, 2005
By: John Larsen, CEO

New Easy-to-use Scene Creator
You can now easily identify scene start and end points of your scenes as you are watching your video. As you are scrolling through your video, you can set a "New Scene" marker at the start of each new piece of video. At the same time, and "Enhanced DVD" will begin, allowing you to set a chapter thumbnail and title for this scene. When you have finished identifying all of your scenes, you will also have a completed Enhanced DVD to share or burn on DVD.

Visual Scene Index for Editing
We didn't believe it was possible, but we've made editing your videos even easier! All of your created scenes on each video are presented in an easy-to-use Video Scenes area.
To create a Director's DVD, simply drag the scenes you want onto your DVD and you are done! Your chapters are automatically generated based on the scene information you've already entered!

Expanded packaging Options
Put the final wrap on your DVD production with the latest improvements to our industry-leading DVD packaging. Choose from one of our 100 Packaging themes, or upload your own background! Create custom titling for your keepsake. Select just the right thumbnail images to represent your project.

July 20, 2005
By: John Larsen, CEO

Upload photos to your account
Now you can upload digital pictures to your account for use as Snapshots, Menu backgrounds, or as thumbnails for your DVDs!

May 7, 2005
By: Lars Krumme, EVP Sales & Marketing

HomeMovie.Com receives Golden Tennis Shoe Award from Senator Patty Murray
We're normally not one to toot our own horn, especially as our brothers and sisters are a world away fighting a war that never seems to end, but we were really touched by the recognition that our effort has brought both locally and nationally.

The Golden Tennis Shoe Award is a yearly recognition by our State Senator Patty Murray of three individuals that have  Watch the Video!

March 7, 2005
By: John Larsen, CEO

HomeMovie.Com launches Operation Enduring Love
Staying in touch with friends and family is a constant struggle for soldiers, especially those stationed on the battlefield in hotspots like Iraq and Afghanistan. While long-distance phone cards are standard issue, local long-distance providers often charge exorbitant connection fees, making phone calls to the U.S. prohibitively expensive. But even when phone calls are priced more reasonably, audio-only communication only goes so far in keeping families in touch, especially when there are children involved.

That’s what drove Lars and I to decide to offer our services free of charge to the families of troops overseas. About 90 days ago my wife Michelle was listening to NPR when she heard about a woman who had an 18-month-old baby and was sent to Iraq. Michelle couldn't imagine having to be over there and not be able to watch her kids grow up.

After a quick discussion with our employees and partners, we came up with a plan to employ our services in an effort to lessen this unfortunate reality of war for any troops serving in Afghanistan or Iraq. Their friends and family can send in up to 20 hours of video, and we’ll encode it and make it available through an Afiniti account.

To get the word out, we’ve been working with our state senator here in Washington, and the effort has been recognized by US Senators Patty Murray, Elizabeth Dole and Saxby Chambliss and US Congressmen Adam Smith, Doc Hastings and Walter B. Jones. We also appreciate the support from our partners CenturyTel, NCTeleserve and in providing technical and marketing resources for the project.

It’s really not a big marketing arena for us, but we thought that this would be a great technology to offer to our servicemen. It’s our way of helping out and trying to ease some of the suffering. Sometimes a breath of fresh air from home may be just what they need.

If you know someone that might qualify for the offer, please send them to

September, 2004
By: John Larsen, CEO

Well, it's out of the bag. Today, we received coverage in the NY Times about Afiniti -- our web-based video archiving, editing, viewing and sharing platform for consumers. Although the core technology has been up and running for our professional customers for the last 3 years, we are rushing to get all the "i"s dotted and the "t"s crossed for you, our consumers customers. We look forward to working with you, and value any and all feedback you may provide to us as we strive to be the digital repository for the most precious of video content -- your home movies.


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