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With Afiniti 3.0 all your videos are immediately available for download in iPod-compatible format.


We've moved! Won't you come visit us?
StashSpace.Com - Online Video Editing and Video SharingWell, we didn't physically move, but our service has found a new home at StashSpace.Com.

We have a brand-new version of our Afiniti software (now available through your "StashBox") that has a number of new features we think you'll really like.  You can read a recent review of StashSpace by TechCrunch to get a better idea of what the new service can do for you, but here are a couple quick hits:

  • Direct video recording from your digital camcorder
    Now you can do something with your videotapes instead of putting them on the shelf for the next ten years!  Our 3-step recording process will get you watching & sharing your video in no time!
  • No more monthly fees!  
    We have implemented a pay-as-you-go program based on the purchase and redemption of credits (we call them "Tokes" -- short for "Tokens") as you stash your video.
  • New guest sharing options
    your friends & family now don't even have to setup a password for their guest account, and can watch video with complete anonymity (of course, you won't get cool comments from them anymore unless they do login...)
  • Integration of video into your MySpace or other personal webspace.  
    With our new StashFeed, you just have a simple bit of code to cut & paste (One time only!) into your MySpace account.  As you create new movies from your video content and share them with your "Feed", they will automatically appear within 15-20 seconds of your next save.

So come on over and sign up for a free account to start editing and sharing your video today!.  We give you an hour's worth of Tokes just for signing up at StashSpace and recording some video.

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