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Getting to know your equipment
Understanding Digital Video
Choosing the Right Digital Video Format
Features to Look For in Your Video Camera
Optical vs. Digital Zoom on Video Cameras
Choosing a Tripod for your Video Camera
Recommended Digital Video Cameras
Getting to know your digital camcorder

Tips & Tricks
Proper Storage for your VHS and Video Tapes
Storing your 8mm and 16mm Film
Shooting Video during Your Vacation
Shooting a Family Interview
Shoot a reunion or a get-together
Shoot video with your digital photo camera

Wedding Video
Why should I have a wedding video?
Do I really need a wedding videographer?
Share your Wedding Video on Video iPod
How to Choose Your Wedding Videographer
Wedding Videography Contract Essentials
Wedding Videography Budget Tips
Must-have Wedding Video shots
**Find a Wedding Videographer**

  Afiniti Video Sharing Setup
What do I need for Video Sharing?
System Check
Using Afiniti - Quick Help
DVD Compatibility List

Your Account
Your Order History
Send in Video Tapes for Transfer
Send in Film for Film Transfer

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