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"I am stationed in Mosul, Iraq. I just finished watching the video of my family on your website, and want to thank you so much for what you and everyone involved is doing. That was the best hour of my entire deployment.

I can't put into words how much it means to me. It was just great to be able to see and hear my wife and girls. Not to mention that I can go back and watch it whenever I want while I'm here. You can guarantee that I will tell every soldier in my unit about it. It truly is the best time I've had in almost six months. This will make my remaining six months go a little easier. Thank you a million times."
-SSG Mark Mulvaney

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HomeMovie.Com is available to work with the Press and provide expert opinion on the direction of Video Preservation, Sharing and Enabling as it pertains to delivery on DVD and the Internet.

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Recent Headlines:

Digital Edge: Saving Old Video: Online Services Preserve/Edit Memories
December 22, 2005
I shipped some of my old videotape (on VHS-C) in to HomeMovie.Com. It's an online service that stores my video, allows me to edit, and order a DVD of the finished product if I like it.  HomeMovie.Com does all the digitizing and cleaning up of video, and gives you the power to customize.  Watch your video or share it. It's also a place to store video for safekeeping in case a DVD goes bad.

Automatic Editing for the People
August 12, 2005
Video is almost always edited before it is shared with anyone. That's according to our very informal survey, in which readers were asked if they like to go "raw" by sharing, screening or selling unedited video (raw footage on a camera tape).

Many of you said there was a ton of video footage in the closet, perhaps never to see the light of day, because it needs some editing. But we all know that sorting through hours of videotape can be a tedious and time-consuming process.
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May 18, 2005
Mail in your old video tapes and for $5 this outfit will turn them into digital format. You can also make them available online at and all your friends and relatives can spend many happy hours watching your kids eat cereal or seeing you try out the new trampoline. You can store them online for $4 a month, or, for $15 you can edit a home movie online and burn it to a DVD.

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Recent News:

HomeMovie.Com Streams Home Movies for Families of Troops Overseas
February 23, 2005
Staying in touch with friends and family is a constant struggle for soldiers, especially those stationed on the battlefield in hotspots like Iraq and Afghanistan.  While long-distance phone cards are standard issue, local long-distance providers often charge exorbitant connection fees, making phone calls to the U.S. prohibitively expensive.  But even when phone calls are priced more reasonable, audio-only communication only goes so far in keeping families in touch, especially when there are children involved.

HomeMovie.Com Promotes Professional Wedding and Event Videography through the
September 22, 2004
HomeMovie.Com announced a new advertising and promotion agreement with, the #1 wedding website, which is designed to promote HomeMovie.Com videographers and the value of professional videography to the 2.4 million couples who get married each year.  Launching November 1, 2004, this agreement includes the development of new content and targeted emails designed to educate brides and grooms about the process and importance of selecting a professional videographer.  Additionally, HomeMovie.Com's videographers will be promoted in's popular local videographer vendor directory.

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