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With Afiniti 3.0 all your videos are immediately available for download in iPod-compatible format.

Peace of Mind... For about the cost of a cup of coffee!

OK, so it's a really good cup of coffee... but just how much is your history worth?  Only with Afiniti can you safeguard your precious video memories against theft, breakage or natural disaster for about the price of one cup of coffee each month!

With Afiniti, we make it easy for you to capture, manage, edit, publish and share your video memories with your friends and family over the Internet.  Our affordable pricing plans are based on the total number of hours of video you have in your account -- easy to understand, with no need to get into the finer points of storage, media formats and bitrates, and more confusing technical jargon.

Afiniti Account Levels

Hours of Video in
your online account
< 5 hours FREE!
5 - 10 hours $3.99
10 - 20 hours $6.99
20 - 40 hours $9.99
40 - 60 hours $14.99

Video Tape Processing
Do you have older analog video content you'd like us to convert for you? Or just don't have the time to do it yourself?  We make it easy!  For only $5/tape, your video (up to 2 hours) will be professionally encoded for DVD video, Windows Media (online streaming format) and iPod .mp4 formats for your Afiniti Account.  Our transfer process provides you with the highest-quality option for DVD delivery of your home movies.

DVD Delivery
Our professionally produced DVDs are available for only $15 or $19 (fully packaged) each.  With Afiniti, you can fully customize each of your DVDs, selecting only the best or most relevant footage for each unique production.  Complete with up to 54 chapters, you can personalize each DVD scene thumbnail and title, and choose from over 100 unique DVD themes for your final production.  Personalization of your DVD Case Cover and DVD disc face round out your family keepsake.

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