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Video Sharing on your iPod!

Afiniti is the easy way to share, edit, preserve and transfer video to DVD, iPod and share with family & friends
Easy video sharing direct from your video camera
Start Sharing your Video and Edited Home Movies with family & friends
Edit, Upload, and Share your Photos with family & friends
Archive and preserve your videos with Afiniti
Share your Photos and Videos for Free
Transfer your Videos to DVD. Film Transfer and Slide Transfer Available.
Share and Transfer your Home Videos on your iPod


1. Create a Movie & sync
    with your online account
2. Choose the scenes you
    would like on your iPod
3. Import your converted
    scenes onto your iPod!

Get it to go!
Almost as easy as ordering at a drive-through! Just drag and drop your video scenes to your virtual iPod window in Afiniti and you can watch your movie scenes and share your video directly on your iPod, anywhere you go. Send your movies to family and friends or share them online for others to download and watch.

The iPod Video Revolution
Watch your videos when you want to where you want to. Now you won't be locked into watching just what they sell on the iTunes store, you can load hours of family memories to take along on your road trips or Family visits.

Don't worry about the conversion process
With Afiniti, you don't need to learn about codecs, bitrates or anything else to make your video available on your iPod. Your videos that have been synched with your account, along with any shared videos received from friends and family, will be available for download to your video iPod through Afiniti!

Make it available to your friends and family
Don't have an iPod yourself yet?  Chances are, one of your friends or family will!  With Afiniti, any shared videos are automatically available for download to their iPod.  Best of all, all your video will already be enabled for when you do get an iPod or other mobile video device!


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