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How will you remember them?

If you are like many of us, you probably have countless hours of family memories on videotape just sitting on the shelf.  Videos of your child's first birthday... graduation... weddings... just wasting away.  While videotape is the best way to capture your special moments on video, it is a poor way to store it for any length of time.

Act now to secure your history!
Afiniti can help.  Whether you want to do it yourself, or send your tapes to us for professional processing, your video can be liberated from their tapes and be forever preserved for tomorrow. Now you can start your video sharing adventure today!

Want to do it yourself? It's as easy as hooking your digital camcorder to your computer and starting to record!  After watching your movies, creating scenes from your video, and editing your videos into a customized keepsake movie, you can synchronize your family memories with your Afiniti account.  Your video will be archived on our servers in a high-quality Windows Media format.

Want us to do the heavy lifting? Simply send us your tapes, and for only $5 per tape, we will digitize and encode your memories into Afiniti-compliant video files which will be available for you to watch, edit and share.  Your video will be archived in our servers in high-quality MPEG2 (DVD) and Windows Media video formats.

Our Servers, Your Security
At the core of Afiniti is our server arrays.  These servers store all of your digitized video, photos and music in multiple formats and in multiple locations.  no matter what happens to your videotapes or DVDs at home or on your computer, you can feel secure that all your video and shared video is safe and sound on Afiniti.

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