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Preserve your Video to DVD!

With HomeMovie.Com, you can order any of your video or SnapShot productions on DVD for preservation, storage and safekeeping.  You can spend as much or as little time as you wish editing your videos and creating your customized DVDs. 

Keep the Memories YOU Want!
As you go through your video, you create your customized scenes, including it's start time and length, title and thumbnail image. This scene information is then used to create your customized Director's DVDs.  Choose scenes from video you've uploaded, movies that have been shared with you, or videotapes that you have sent to us for professional-grade processing (only $5/tape!)... You have full control!

Tag-Search your Scenes
A great new feature for creating truly unique DVD productions! Want a Birthday DVD with just your son's or daughter's first 8 birthdays celebrations? How about a compilation DVD of all your Christmas celebrations?  It's easy to do with our new Tag-Search feature in Afiniti!  Simply search for the term(s) you are looking for, and all of the relevant clips will appear for you  to add onto a new DVD. 

Take delivery of your SnapShot albums on DVD!  Up to 100 of your digital pictures or Video SnapShots can be arranged in a SnapShotDVD. Two choices of viewing are available on every disc! Either sit back and watch in slideshow mode, or spend time navigating through the photo gallery with your DVD remote to enjoy each photo for however long you want!  Upload and synchronize with your favorite music to give it that extra-special touch.

Uploaded vs. Professionally-processed Video on DVD
We've received a lot of questions as to the quality difference between our professional video conversion process and our Afiniti-enabled video capture and upload process.  Both options provide you with DVD-quality video as an end product, but through two different approaches.  It is up to you to decide which option best suits your approach to video preservation and archiving.

How much does it all cost?  Do I have to order DVDs?
All of our DVDs are available at the same cost, regardless of how much or how little editing & customization you choose to do, or whether it is your movie or one that has been shared from a friend or family member.

Our $15 DVD comes with a clear DVD clam-shell case with disc titling on the DVD. For only $19, you can customize a full-color case insert for a clear M-Lock Keepcase (similar to the Hollywood movies you have)which includes custom titling, pictures from your video and your chapter titles.

You do not have to order physical DVDs to be an Afiniti customer. Many customers decide to use Afiniti to handle the off-site storage and archiving of their home movies while sharing StreamingDVDs with family & friends. Of course, you can always order DVDs at our standard $15 or $19 (fully packaged) pricing.

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