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Afiniti is the easy way to share, edit, preserve and transfer video to DVD, iPod and share with family & friends
Easy video sharing direct from your video camera
Start Sharing your Video and Edited Home Movies with family & friends
Edit, Upload, and Share your Photos with family & friends
Archive and preserve your videos with Afiniti
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Transfer your Videos to DVD. Film Transfer and Slide Transfer Available.
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Digital Film Transfer

"I'm a mom of a 20 month old and a 5 month old and I shoot lots of video of them! When I discovered Afiniti and put my little girl, Macys', first year video on a DVD in such less time I was amazed!

Afiniti was fantastic! Now I've got a DVD completed for my little girl. Afiniti saved me so much time that now I can start my new DVD for my son, Major. Thanks Afiniti!
-Annyce Hutchinson

Easily Add Video to
Make & Share Movies

Capture full-length video directly from your digital video camera or import your existing digital video files.

Don't have the right equipment? Have us transfer your video or transfer your film and add it to your account.

Check your System for compatibility for Sharing Video with the Advanced Toolset.

DVD-Style Menuing System

Familiar DVD-Style Menu Format lets you organize and share your video scenes in any order, from any tape, shared video or imported digital video file.  Place up to 56 chapters per movie!

Create Scenes of
all your Video.

Use our total & zoomed timelines for fine-tune control to identify and create each scene on your videotape. 

Each Scene you create will automatically be created on your active movies, and will be available for Video iPod download after you have shared your movie.

Sign up for a free video sharing account today, and start capturing or uploading digital video now! You can also send in your digital or analog videotapes to be digitized and added to your account for only $5 tape. 

Video Tagging for Easy Organizing

Tag all of your video as you create your scenes.  It's easy to search on tags when you want to create that special Birthday or Reunion Movie.

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