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"Just a note to let you know what a great thing streaming video is. We were reluctant at first but soon learned that the first thing a bride does, after watching it herself of course, is to send the link to all her family and friends, especially the bridesmaids! This has resulted in three new wedding jobs (so far) that we never would have had. Each of these three brides did not want a videographer until they saw our work on-line.

In our opinion, streaming video has more power than any demo. We are so impressed with it that in just a few days our own son's wedding will have a
streaming link!"

Janie & Gary Johnson
Johnson Productions


HomeMovie.Com Professional Partners all have one thing in common.... Brides! One year after the launch of the StreamingDVD, our partners have realized the benefit of streaming every production they create over the Internet with our proprietary service. Want the competitive advantage of the StreamingDVD? Book more jobs through referrals and connect with potential brides as over 30 unique people watch each and every StreamingDVD produced. If you are not using StreamingDVD to grow your business, you're simply not serious about growing your business.

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The Many Benefits of HomeMovie.Com
Trying to find the latest edge in Wedding and Event Videography?  Looking to get your company in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers? Want to stream your Wedding Videos over the Internet, but uncertain how to proceed?

We make it Easy!!
All of our productions are streamed FREE for 30-days or 1 Year FREE as part of our Reseller Program to give your customers an online version of their DVD for easy sharing with friends and family.

Take advantage of the growing market for
video streaming

Dial-up access has taken a backseat to broadband, now that over 65% of all active Internet Households are utilizing broadband to access the Internet!  What are you doing to take advantage of this market?  Our Resellers can stream up to two hours of demo video off their website and Stream ALL of their DVD productions for 30 days or one full year through our Reseller Program!

How Do You Get Started?
Well, you've already taken the first step by learning more about HomeMovie.Com.  Now you just need to sign up to become a HomeMovie.Com Reseller, and get started!


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